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Full Version: Help appreciated
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I am league manager in a fantasy hockey league I appreciate any and all input on a situation.......there are ten teams in the league and we are all related is my problem ...
my nephew and his wife are in the league and his wife is circling in the top three and he is down near the bottom ...his wife has top priority in the waiver department meaning she has number 1 first shot and he knows he decides to make a couple of drops one being Jerome Iginla which I question as well as others in the league he had 6 points in 8 games anyone that knows hockey knows how much of an elite player Iginla is.....
on his team (roster)at the time
Weber 1 point in 10 games
Eric Cole 4 points in 10 games
Brian Gionta 5 points in 10 games
Doughty 4 points in 9 games just to name a few ...
what do you think foul play or not?
I really appreciate all your input .....I am going to post the responses on my leagues page
Sincere Thanks
Tough to say. I've dropped high producing players on the hunch they were going to hit a wall, usually because of the team they're on (Nash in CBJ, Doan in PHX, etc). Iginla would fall into the same category in Calgary.
That said, the bit about the waivers is a bit suspect, but it's circumstantial.
If his wife picks up Iginla then you have your answer lol
I am very blunt and straight forward if I feel foul play I stop it in it's tracks I know he was trying to cheat ...I just wanted your takes on it....I was emailed about it by other team members so I stopped it dead and offered another solution all interested in picking him up to post they were interested ...then I was going to randomize it at random dot org. He flipped went all nuts and dropped all his players on the FA trying to mess the league up ...I froze the FA for 2 days and put all the players back on the team ..anyone think I was wrong with what I had done would really like to hear more of your takes on this...
Thanks again..
Nah, if he flipped, that's your answer.
one would think Iginla would have trade value no matter what. Dropping him seems very suspect, especially if he overreacted like he did.
as a comish as well, this really sucks! based on his reaction, i think it is plainly obvious what his intentions were. you made the right decision by locking it and putting the team back together. i would kick him out of the league and find a replacement for the team. manage the team yourself until you find someone else. good luck!
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