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Full Version: Panini redemptions
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i'm not sure where else to put this but i thought i would bring up the topic because someone recently mentioned how bad Panini's redemption process is.

I had 14 redemptions i was waiting for a month ago (the oldest of which was 4 months old). Now i only have 2 redemptions that havent been shipped yet one of which is a new redemption i entered earlier this week.

I even received a redemption i put in a month ago...

i dont know but my experience has been better with Panini overall...not saying Upper Deck is bad but Panini has been good for me so far

having said that less redemptions in al their products would be nice or at least no expiry dates.

Upper Deck does take expired redemptions as long as its hockey and hasnt been expired more than 1 year. Panini apparently doesnt care about how long its been expired but i've never tried with them
Talked with the LCS owner last night and he has over 70 outstanding redemptions from Panini-some as far back as 2010. I had to go to the Better Business Bureau after their initial release of 2010-11 Certified as at one point, I had eleven RC redemptions (including a Subban Auto # / 100), a Crosby gold auto redemption, and a Jordin Tootoo auto redemption sitting in limbo for well over a year. I'm glad your experience with them has been better, but as an example last night I watched a football collector get two redemption cards in the same box of Panini product- made me cringe! I don't buy Panini boxes at all anymore, and would not recommend them to anyone. Get them here or on the Bay- much less troublesome. I am glad to hear you are about caught up- wish I heard more stories like yours!
In ten years of collecting ive probably had about 100 redemptions...and have only gotten the right card once. And that was only because it was one of those cards where if a player achieved a certain stat ina game youd get a jersey.

Redemptions are rediculous, either put it in the product or dont make it
Never had a problem with Panini.
Have had problems with UD.

That's my experience.
My first redemption was 12-13 Artifacts Wild Card Rookie #229 I think and I redeemed it Christmas day and the status hasn't changed.
another one shipped today so im down to only one

as for not receiving the right card...hasn't happened with Panini yet...not saying it wont of course...

It only happened once with Upper Deck...i think i was supposed to get a Mogilny auto and ended up with a whats his name Clark from Philly (sorry too lazy to look)...i think i traded that card away moons ago anyways

i tend to purchase more products that have no redemption but unfortunately some have long as they honor them with no time limit its easier "to take" i guess...having said that i wouldnt touch Limited...i saw too many people pull 2 redemptions in one pack
(02-13-2013, 05:22 PM)onoxxxregretso Wrote: [ -> ]My first redemption was 12-13 Artifacts Wild Card Rookie #229 I think and I redeemed it Christmas day and the status hasn't changed.
And won't change as they cannot send them out until July.
(02-13-2013, 07:39 PM)hckydv7 Wrote: [ -> ]And won't change as they cannot send them out until July.
that would explain why i have my 2 artifacts redemptions still waiting
A few of my experiences:

- I've twice had redemptions from UD disappear in the mail, with zero resolution, one was a patch/auto out of 4.

- I pulled a redemption for a PK Subban auto /10 from Panini Limited, and they sent me /100 instead. Sent it back, and now Panini said they never received it.

- I have an outstanding redemption from Panini from Dec. 2010. Last communication I received about it was Nov. 2011, saying they were still waiting.

- In comparison, oldest UD redemption I have outstanding is a bunch of this years Artifacts Rc (which we know aren't coming anytime soon).

As a bit of an experiment, I started from summer, and kept all pulled redemptions in a box, unredeemed, until New Years, at which point I would count them up and redeem them. The results?

Topps - 5 (a few have already shown up)
Upper Deck - 2
Panini - 15!

Sadly, I know I have more I need to redeem somewhere, and I know those are also Panini....