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Full Version: Redemption replacements
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It's been a while since I've posted. I'm currently TRYING to whittled down my collection and concentrate on a few things. I've had some redemptions that were outstanding, so I decided to get replacements for them.

I had redeemed:

2010 Limited Banner Season Signature Materials Visante Shianco /25
2011 Certified FOTG Jersey Number Prime Sig Marcell Dareus /25
2011 Limited Material Phenons Platinum Spotlight 1/1 Greg Little

I didn't really care for the Visante or Marcell, but I would've liked to have the 1/1 Little. I asked for replacements for the Visante and Marcell. They asked what team I liked and I told them Saints. He said he would get some Saints to replace those.

Here is what I received:
[Image: 2DB53EE8-0FDF-4BCB-9A53-1F9594F88CC7-492...DFAFCB.jpg]

I'm happy with it.

I asked if the Little was being produced (he has a ton of sticker autos being produced. Why couldn't they throw one on the 1/1?). He said he wasn't sure, but would let me know and send it if it was.

I didn't get a call, but I got an email saying it was replaced with this. It's not a 1/1, but it is a nice card.
[Image: AAEE9D4A-AC2C-45ED-AE24-F245BD52F281-492...9749-1.jpg]

It's /10 and beautiful, but I'd would've rathered my 1/1.

Which would you prefer? I'm not complaining, but I am. It doesn't really matter because I don't collect him, but the 1/1 would've been sweet.
I would be happy with it while not a 1/1, it's at least from a high-end collectible product National Treasures, so I personally think you did well, grats
Either way Curt, you won!
Thanks guys. Don't get me wrong, I am happy.
Wow that was cool as hell of them. I need to call next week I am a month over on 2 redemptions. Maybe they will be as nice and ask me what Basketball team I like Smile
That is an awesome looking Little. I would rather have a reebok logo from Nt than a 1/1 from limited where its just gonna be a brown and white patch. As for the other 2 I think they were very good replacements.
I often thought of just buying random redemtion cards and hoping for replacemnts. You made out like a bandit!
Thanks! The Little is a beauty. Panini also sent it in the magnetic. I thought that was nice too. Smile
Wow thats amazing much better than the original redemption. Maybe I should try for replacements.
I think you did pretty well especially for replacements. Glad you got them.
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