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Full Version: Trading Thread- Scan HEAVY
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All of these are for trade. PM or comment if you're interested. Thanks!

[Image: Scan0005_zpsc597f79a.jpg]

[Image: Scan0006_zpsae8e9109.jpg]

[Image: Scan0007_zps9b857a04.jpg]

[Image: Scan0008_zps21e9b077.jpg]

[Image: Scan0009_zps40b02262.jpg]

[Image: Scan0010_zps707aefbd.jpg]
Scans look great! Wish I had more trade've got some awesome cards.
I love that kobe. Could you check my bucket?
ryancholden: Thanks!
JMarchand1981: I'll take a look
Do you still have that Paul George Prestige RC available?
Could you check me for the Rondo, Lebron/Melo, and Kobe.

Check me for the Wade, Nash and Lebron/Melo dual
Interested in the Leonard Contenders, gonna add more stuff tonight so check me in a bit for it.
is that Kobe Zupermen the rave version???
Ryancholden: Yes I still have some George RCs.
Akaus: I'll take a look.
Briankort: I'll take a look.
Iamralpho: I'll check tonight.
Buckunteer: Unfortunately no, it's the standard version.
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