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Full Version: January mail for my PC
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Been away for a while, but slowly getting back into it, here's my stuff from January. Very excited about the Kovalchuk Gold /50, Parkhurst RC and Sanford PS Hobby RC!

[Image: CurtisSanford02-03PSRC99_zpscbbfc1a4.jpg][Image: CurtisSanford02-03UDPremierGold_zps33162777.jpg][Image: 00-01StadiumClubBeamTeamArnott_zps7a883f38.jpg][Image: IlyaKovalchuk01-02UDTopShelfRC_zps8275e063.jpg][Image: IlyaKovalchuk01-02UDMaskGold_zpsb92567a6.jpg][Image: IlyaKovalchuk01-02ToppsHeritageRC_zpsf326fb23.jpg][Image: IlyaKovalchuk01-02ToppsChromeRC_zps18598713.jpg][Image: IlyaKovalchuk01-02TitaniumRookieTeam_zps567b7f16.jpg][Image: IlyaKovalchuk01-02ParkhurstRC_zps4f266ccd.jpg]
Very cool stuff! Love that Kovy Titanium! Congrats!!!

Nice pick ups. I've never noticed before how Sanfords mask seems to be recolored on the Private Stock.