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Full Version: dominion mammoth's wanted
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hey everyone,

looking for dominion mammoth patches, any and all. 10 11 dominion anything #/25 or 10 especially taylor hall and ryan mcdonagh. anything from 11 12 dominion #/10 or /5 especially greening, gardiner, orlov, bourque and ovechkin. will pay better than anyone for the ones I have listed, and will buy any others you may have at normal selling prices.

let me know

I have a orlov /25 2clr 2 seams.
I have a Crosby 2/5 Mammoth Jersey

[Image: 395491_404638999623804_1827996568_n_zps050576be.jpg]

Can send me with offer.
thanks but I am only collecting the sp's not the jersey or die-cut versions


(02-04-2013, 10:20 PM)705-janveaux Wrote: [ -> ]I have a orlov /25 2clr 2 seams.
anyone got any mammoths for trade? looking for upgrades to existing collection as well as ANY taylor hall, ryan mcdonagh, jake gardiner /10 and ray bourque /5