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Full Version: Palmieri a Ranger
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My buddy Nick Palmieri is now a Ranger! I'm 99% sure that like the rest of the people in my area the Rangers were his childhood team. I wish I could have seen his reaction when he was told about the trade. I'm still a diehard Avalanche fan, but might have to pay attention to the Rangers a little bit now!

I'm sure he will be going from Houston (Wild's farm team) straight to the Whale, but man it must be awesome for him being back on the east coast only 4 hours away from home.

He started in Albany which is only and hour and a half from our town, then the Devils which was also 4ish hours. I hadn't talked to him about Minnesota/Houston and if he enjoyed it or missed being so close to home, but I know my Facebook is exploding with people happy to see him back in the state.
Does that mean people will actually want my cup rc now? Lol
I can't wait to see him play with the Rangers Should be interesting

PS - What do you want for the Cup RC? Smile
He was putting up okay numbers in Houston. I don't expect him to be with the Rangers this season, but I guess it all depends on injuries and what not.