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Full Version: Big favor to ask, from whoever can help...
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Hey guys, I gotta ask you a favor... A friend of mine is good friends of Brandon Bollig, but knows nothing about cards. I was telling them that as far as I know Bollig didnt have any 11-12 cards released. They want do him a favor and try to collect one of every Bollig rookie that has been released (until of corse the high ends come out, cause then it gets to expensive) But the favor im asking, can anyone on here give me a list of what Bollig cards have been released so far, so i can start searching for them??

Thanks in advance...
I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning so I can't get a true list together, but here is the complete list thus far of what is out for Mr. Bollig:

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Thanks guys... lol I forgot about all the Artifacts parallels... DOOH!
i've got a black diamond rookie i could get rid of