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Full Version: 2012-13 Black Diamond Single Diamond Set - Missing Card
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Is it just me or is anyone missing card #95, preventing them from making a set of single diamonf Black Diamond cards? I opened an entire 12 box case of Black Diamond, finding an eerily consistent distribution of every other single diamond card but can not make a single set from the case because I don't have card #95. [Diustn Brown according to the Beckett checklist].

I thought cards #1-100 were single diamond cards and common and the higher diamond cards were short printed. Is #95 a short print card too? Does anyone have a few extra? Apparently the book price is only $0.40. I just need the card to finish making sets.

Is there even a card #95 or is this some sort of scam to get people to buy 'one more box'of cards hoping to find that last card they need for a single diamond set? Is someone oddly missing a different single diamond card from an entire case?