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Full Version: PC Pick Ups
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Added a couple more cards to the Brett Hull PC;

[Image: 2012-13ArtifactsFrozenArtifactsJerseysPa...ldd-36.jpg]

[Image: 2005-06ITGHeroesandProspectsAutogra.jpg]

[Image: 2003-04BAPUltimateMemorabiliaHeroesw-Heatleyd-30.jpg]

Love the Artifacts patch, great pickups!
Cool, that artifacts is really nice. Love the colors.
Artifacts is #'d 1/36. So its an Ebay 1 of 1!!!! LOL
Ya that patch is pretty sweet. I'm also diggin the Hero's and Prospects auto. I love the old pictures!
Nice Hull dual. Congrats on the adds.
Very nice stuff.
If you're ever in the market for some low end 90s stuff, I have a bunch.
Awesome adds, Brian! Congrats!!!