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Full Version: Rookie Anthology set complete (sorta)
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Done my part to get the Rookie Anthology jersey/auto subset complete, now I just need Panini to do their part on the redemptions...

[Image: 1-9_zps12695b6a.jpg]

[Image: 10-18_zpseedcb03d.jpg]

[Image: 19-27_zps4725c9a5.jpg]

[Image: 28-36_zps6aa835ee.jpg]

[Image: 37-45_zpsd59676f6.jpg]

[Image: 46-54_zpsb51828c5.jpg]

[Image: 55-63_zpse8beccb8.jpg]

[Image: 64-65_zpsd287a262.jpg]

Thanks for looking, comments welcome.... Mark.
Awesome looking stuff Mark. The rookie anthology rookies we one of my favorites from last year. Seeing all the cards together like this make me what to do the set but there is way too many good ones I would need to track down.

Thanks for sharing.


SWEEEEEEET Looking set!!!
Wow! That is an awesome accomplishment for sure, did realy well getting so many multi colored swatches as well
sweet, that looks awesome, nice work!
WOW!!!!!! Amazing collection!!!
Great looking set, congrats!
Thanks, all.... it was a lot of fun to put together!
Those look great all together like that!
Wow! Nice set, well done! Smile

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