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Full Version: ? on marvel beginnings 3...sketches
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busted a number of boxes recently and pulled these two sketch cards that i need info on...can anyone help?

don't know the character and don't know the artist...can't even find hers/his signature on it...
 photo sketchdude_zps89072eee.jpg

this one is spider woman...and the artist scribbled it on the back along with his/her signature...but i can't tell who she/he is....

 photo spiderwomansketchback_zps11d6627d.jpg
 photo spiderwomansketchfront_zpscbcd9b1c.jpg
the top one is Sabretooth, who the artist is, i have no clue.
I can't help you with the Sabretooth sketch, but the Spider-Woman was done by Darren Chandler.
Thanks mrdub and bryhornbeck...