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Full Version: condensing my basketball, trading in your favor SCANS
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Like the title says, I'm actually condensing all of my card collections, trying to get it down to just PC stuff. Team wise, I collect the Pistons and the Celtics, but I also collect HOFers, vintage, and superstars (autos and relics!). Below will be some scans, but I've got a lot more. If you aqre offering me a nice PC piece, I'll obviously trade in your favor. I'm also, really looking for the following specifically:

*HOF celtic autos/relics (especially Bird, Russell, and Walton)
*Dennis Rodman auto (I doubt any exist of him in a Pistons jsy, but it doesnt hurt to ask lol)
*Isiah Thomas auto or patch
*HOF Pistons autos/relics
*Kobe Bryant auto or patch
*James Harden auto
*anything else that catches my eye

I appologize for the lack of scans, my bucket took a crap on me!

Thanks again guys!

[Image: allanhouston.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0657.jpg]

[Image: deronwilliamsspauto.jpg]

[Image: jermaineonealshowcaseauto.jpg]

[Image: majorjonesauto.jpg]

[Image: mauricewilliamshardcourtauto.jpg]

[Image: nenadkrsticluxuryboxauto.jpg]

[Image: yaomingppauto.jpg]

[Image: bobbyknight.jpg]

[Image: kevingarnett.jpg]

[Image: sebastiantelfairjsy.jpg]

[Image: triplejsy.jpg]

[Image: christaft.jpg]

50 made (unnumbered for some reason)
[Image: jermaineoneal.jpg]
offer sent