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Full Version: I'm changing teams
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As my title suggests, I'm now a boston bruins fan. If New Kids On The Block are fans of the bruins, and i'm a fan of NKOTB, than i will now be afan of the Bruins. GO BRUINS! I cannot wait for NKOTB, Boyz 2 Men, and 98 degrees to come to detroit. I'VE GOT FRONT ROW TICKETS!
Aren't they from Boston?
They're from Dorchester, close to Boston, often considered part of Southie, which is South Boston.
Still stands to reason they'd be Bruins fans. I know Conan O'Brian is.
is this post a joke or serious? lol... no seriously, the boy band thing cant be real?
Hmmmm umm I, well ok
This has got to be the weirdest thread in a while
Yeah very strange
I'm not trading with you anymore.
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