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Full Version: HOF Collector's Trade Thread
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Hoping to get some trades in. Looking for Glenn Robinson, Carl Landry, Greg Monroe and possibly HOF autos. Shoot me an open offer or PM, thanks!

[Image: TRADE1_zpsde561525.jpg]

[Image: TRADE3_zpsb73faedb.jpg]

[Image: TRADE2_zps493af42d.jpg]
Looks like I have the Acie Law in there twice. Sorry

[Image: TRADE4_zps87b672b0.jpg]

[Image: TRADE5_zpsb6eaa51a.jpg]

[Image: TRADE11_zps136e5e8c.jpg]

[Image: TRADE9_zps04e670df.jpg]

[Image: TRADE8_zpsab8776f1.jpg]

[Image: TRADE6_zps45e92337.jpg]

[Image: TRADE7_zps8d8100bf.jpg]

[Image: TRADE10_zps252bfd5f.jpg]
And some Auto's

[Image: autotrade4_zps5cebf3e1.jpg]

[Image: autotrade3_zps103cb16d.jpg]

[Image: autotrade2_zps470c9d68.jpg]

[Image: Autotrade_zps274ac726.jpg]

I also have this 8 x 10 auto of John Havlicek. It was given to me by my shop owner and I have no knowledge of it's authenticity but from all the other Havliceks I've seen It looks legit to me.

[Image: JOHN_HAVLICEK_AU_8X10_zps68ccff62.jpg]
open offer sent