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Full Version: Graded vintage and a few recent...Mostly high BV but ehhhh...
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Vintage is Higher BV cards with less than stellar grades. Ideally looking for Detroit Tigers parallels and mem/auto (low player value ok its all good). Basically I don't collect these, and if you have some Tiger cards I need don't be afraid to ask. They are not in ORG yet, will add when trade request is made (how do you indicate a graded card in ORG, anyone?)

[Image: graded4trade001.jpg]
[Image: graded4trade002.jpg]
[Image: graded4trade003.jpg]
[Image: graded4trade004.jpg]
[Image: graded4trade005.jpg]
[Image: graded4trade006.jpg]

Dang it youre killing me, sending pm!
And to mark a grade, switch the view to "grade." Idk if the system has ksa or gma programmed in it though