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Full Version: Monday Mail
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Slow day Big Grin

Some Random stuff:

[Image: img122.jpg]

Jordan, Pink and Magic:

[Image: img123.jpg]

And the Mannings:

[Image: img124.jpg]
[Image: img125.jpg]
Love the sayers

How manning manning autos you up to?
Thanks! I missed it the 1st time and got it for $20 more the second time lol I am up to 88 Manning autos now.
Ugh i hate you for that Jamaal jk. Great pickups! When im able to start trading again i may try and snag it from you Wink
Looks like a sweet mailday to me Big Grin
This is unfair. I only have so many rags for my drool.
Soc - Thanks! I picked it up cuz I "owe" Mik for the Jenny but if he doesnt need it we might be able to work something out.

Thanks T! I was pretty happy except the Heritage is going back - its pretty damaged Sad And I really liked it too!

Jk - LOL Thanks!
Sick sick sick. I love the Prince auto inscription thou, GO BIG RED!
Awesomeness Doc, love the Jamaal and can't beat those ones from the Colt guy.
Thanks Sev - Tho being a Longhorn there will be no Husker in my collection long lol

Thanks Lump - That Colt guy is pretty good I hear lol
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