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Full Version: 12-13 Totally Certified break...Emerald 1/5
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Got a box of TC 12-13 @ $100 today. Here are the hits

Ben gordan sticker auto
Demarcus cousin jersey
DeAndre liggins on card auto
Justin Hamilton sticker auto
Tim Duncan jersey
Gary Neal jersey

And the Main hit
Steve smith emerald 1/5 jersey
It is a 3 color hawks jersey. But looks like a Kansas City chiefs jersey
red-yellow- white

So what do emerald collectors prefer jersey or no jersey?

[Image: E88C5C74-276D-473A-BBA9-68E6BE12F93F-551...EB0820.jpg]
Check me for the gordon if ot for trade. Thats a sweet green!
They Emeralds are pretty sweet! Personally, I like the auto and GU variations, but for some reason the base Emeralds always do really well, they seem to keep their value longer.
Interested in the Liggins auto if it's for trade, thanks!
Sick patch
A lot of color on the emerald lol
Very nice pull. The Totally Green stuff from Certified sells very well. Heck last night I was going after an Orlando Johnson (2nd round pick for the Pacers) base green /5 and it ended up selling for like $25. You should be able to get some decent coin for the Smith.
Looks like the arm band/hem from an away jersey.
maybe its a sock
I pulled my first one and was excited until I saw who it was. The box advertises the Green Prime materials on the side, not the base. I wonder why Panini can't figure that the demand might be higher for something that actually costs less to make.

Here is mine...
[Image: 73AF41F1-orig_zpsba8bbdb6.jpg]