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Full Version: Saturday night trades anyone?? Pics inside...
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Looking to make some deals tonight.....mainly looking for an Evgeni Malkin auto or rookie. Thanks for looking!

[Image: IMAG0450.jpg]
The patch is chara and byfluegien. The utmost are Corey perry and the dual is getzlaf and bobby Ryan.
In need of a Malkin OPC rc?....
Looked at your Org, and for some reason even when I clicked on your "traders", more then 3/4 of them had "0" cards available. So it made for a long look. I am more interested in some old NBA, or NFL, even MLB cool stuff, if ya still have any.
Will check back later, having company 2night.
Chara Patch and Bobby Ryan Young Guns are gone...
Selling the RNH YG? Still need one for my set and I don't have enough to trade for it.
Pm sent...rely want a malkin young guns tho