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Full Version: OT: Need Opinions On an LCS Issue
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Alright guys, need to pick your brains here. I work for my LCS and we're starting up trade nights. I was thinking twice a month but not sure what day was best. If your LCS does trade nights, what nights do they do it/what night is best?
Thursdays twice a month
Didn't know you worked at your LCS... Sounds cool... I don't shop at any here, but I know one that does that on Friday nights...
Yeah, I was leaning towards Friday nights. End of the work week, guys can blow off some steam(and money on wax) while they trade.
Im going to do mine once a month on Friday nights, and do a break party/ pack wars another night once a month
Wednesdays and Sundays are the best days to do it, Friday and Saturdays the wife, etc.... is expecting to them to do things around the house, grocery shopping, watching the kids, etc.....

doing it on Wednesday and Sunday, gives the customers the chance to relax, spend some time de-stressing, and putting them in a good mood for work the next day..
Weekends are always best for the majority. Ours does one trade night a month and its usually on Saturday night.
So the majority are saying Friday nights. Once or twice a month?