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Full Version: Time again to bend over and take another USPS rate increase!
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Ug...everyone aware of this coming on Monday??
Some services go up 21%

Funny though from the Q/A
Q. How much are prices going up?
A. The overall price change for all Shipping Services is 9 percent, with Express Mail prices increasing an average 5.8 percent and Priority Mail prices increasing an average 6.3 percent.

Might be needing this:
[Image: vaseline.jpg]
Man, I wish I could do that in my every day life.

Hmmm, let's see, I need more money.

I'm just going to go into payroll and tell them I need another 10 percent raise this week.
*rolls eyes*

try using ups or fed ex

the main reason the post office isnt profitable is because they charge rates that are way too low. that is federally mandated by law, even though they are not a government operation

but go ahead: see how much a 3 ounce package costs you with ups

costs 1.64 - with delivery confirmation - with paypal shipping for the post office

ups ground...lets say boston to tallahasse. 3 ounce package: $13.19

go ahead: tell me how you are being screwed over by the post office's outrageous prices

how about i ship it priority mail. that's $4.95 for 2-3 day service with DC
UPS? 21.65