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Full Version: January Mail Day
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So picked up most of these Lawson's in one lot and also got 9 Upper Deck First Edition rookies and 16 Upper Deck Draft rookies with it. Guess I got a good start to a PC lol. For the Kobe's they are all refractors, another PC I'm gonna try and do. Hope you enjoy.

[Image: LawsonLimited_zps99155ab9.jpg]
[Image: Lawsongameused_zps83c556ee.jpg]
[Image: LawsonAbsolute_zpsba5e7345.jpg]
[Image: Kobe3_zps00ab5155.jpg]
[Image: Kobe1_zps0075260d.jpg]
[Image: KobeTechniques_zps6e7f6d49.jpg]
[Image: KobeRoundball_zpsd049da50.jpg]
[Image: Kobe2_zpsf6d3109b.jpg]
[Image: CrownRoyale_zps6c109782.jpg]
[Image: CourtKings_zps8b746b84.jpg][Image: Classics_zps8a81f5f2.jpg]
Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
Nice stuff! I like that Kobe Roundball Royalty Refractor
Love the Kobe Refractors!
Nice pickups!