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Full Version: Contest Winner number 11
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My friend Tony Anderson is racing at volusia speedway in february they are having a race called the 6 pack....all you have to do to help is go to and in the first drop down menu for UMP modifieds pick Tony anderson....alll that is required is your email can vote once a day.....come back here and reply by saying I voted....and I will randomly pick someone to send a Minuature Hood featuring Tony Anderson....each day you vote come back and repost you voted and you will get another entry to contest....I will enter everyone into a random generator to make this ends on February 2nd and were a quite a bit behind!

[Image: IMG_20130123_151643.jpg]

You can like his facebook page to if you would like to.....

Contest Winner is #11 Echo7Bravo how I chose numbers is on the last post of this page
i voted!
I voted.

I voted and my wife voted lol
I voted
Thanks everyone so far!!!!!
I voted - And holy cow Sammy Swindell is still driving Sprint cards??? I used to watch him race my uncle at Manzaneta Speedway in Phoenix when I was a kid lol That guy has got to be pushing 60 lol
Yeah he's a bad ***** to...check out Sammy swindel volusia on YouTube...his son races too
You can vote everyday until february 2nd for more chances to win!
I voted
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