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Full Version: Experienced help needed for grading question.
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I have been wanting to send in some cards for grading but have been waiting to acquire a few key pieces before I do. Particularly a Kyrie RC auto, and Patch card. I have the auto ready, now I am in the process of buying a patch card worthy of grading. I am looking at two options right now and what I want to know is which one looks more gradable. I know a lot of people aren't fond of the multiplayer cards but I am working on a Cleveland collection and really don't mind having a dual patch card, so I just need to know which one looks better only as far as condition is concerned. I realize it is probably hard to judge from pictures, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Option 1

[Image: T2eC16Ny0E9s2S5uJkBQ-QDRcryQ60_57_zpsda524bd3.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqNpMFC4W5OmDnBQ-QDQ4jlg60_57_zpsb5a28411.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqNk0FD4Q1jDDNBQ-QDOQ2w60_57_zps818f81ff.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqJqgFCrurgTgQBQ-QDPtV3w60_57_zps2bab38b3.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqJiIFD4Tz4EOuBQ-QDP2U1g60_57_zps4448775b.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqFrMFDILqhLbPBQ-QDQQoiw60_57_zps79020d28.jpg]

Option 2 (Only Picture available)

[Image: KGrHqJiwFD3PFL4fBQ9gdM8hiQ60_3_zps431062f5.jpg]
I would get that totally Certified green graded. It is a great card and looks to be in good shape. I would expect better, but eve an 8.5 is worth it for that one. If you were to hit the 9.5 it would be great. It will also look good in the slab.
I do really like that one, I am currently winning it but have been pushed up to max bid. Haven't decided yet what is the highest I'd go.... I know I can get the the Dual patch a little cheaper but I am guessing everyone will favor the green.
Green 4\5 looks sick...go with that one.
I think I am gonna go for the green one, the only bad thing is it's already up there in price and there is still a good bit of time left. If it goes to high....... man I can't spend that much on a patch.. but the dual patch ends first.... I think the price is already to high on the green one but I'm still gonna go a little bit higher.
Dang, they are both high... you can get a nice Kobe Auto or s nice MJ insert fir thst price.
I know right!! I just hope that Kyrie continues to stay healthy and play well.... could be a good investment.
Definately a good investment if healthy...i learned my lesson with Sammy roids

Told myself i would never invest in rookie/non proven players. Lol
Hahahaha yeah I know that had to hurt. Did his cards plummet?
Oh yea... i remember going all out for his Leaf Rookie...80ish at the time (cash), after the roid thing...10-15ish. Thats when i went for Mantle and
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