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Full Version: Before this becomes a big deal or an issue in the future (PLEASE READ)
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Im sure some of you are already aware and have already addressed me with this issue. Talking to a certain individual on this site he thought it would be in my best interest to put this out their and address all of you as a whole. My name is Richard Deien i was a prior beckett member and subscriber until July of 2012 when i was banned from the beckett family. After 7 long months i made a plea to become part of the family again. With the understanding of floydtown he has lifted my ban. A lot of you may know this already based off what i already said, but my old user name was rad_1205. This might rub some of you the wrong way already, but i am here to apologize to anyone i have any issues with in the past. Im looking to put everything behind me and no longer be a problem on the site. I cannot express how much of a blessing is to be back apart of beckett. Ive missed it all so much and now im in the middle of Germany away from everything i know. Its has put a lot of things in perspective. Below you can read the email i sent to floydtown and see his response. This may not change the way some of you may feel about me but once again i just want to say sorry.

Please if you have any question or concerns please feel free to post reply and responses on this thread. All im looking to do is do what i loved so much as a kid. Take care all

To whom this may concern,

I was permanently banned from the beckett trading site over 7 months ago. The ban wasn’t due to a bad trade it was due to a feedback that I left for an individual. The feedback I left was not negative it was neutral. Looking back I know my actions were pretty childish to say the least. I let my emotions get the best of me that day. If I had opportunity to apologize that individual I would. I know a lot of stuff occurs on the beckett site all the time and I know you guys are doing all you can to make the trading site something we all can trust. I was always a good trader and always made good on my end of any trade. If something was messed up with one of my trades I did my best to make up for the issue weather it was money, more cards or just giving someone card back. I always held up my end. Prior to my ban I was a beckett collector for 20 plus year I had yearly subscription. Since the ban I have refused to buy anything beckett related. However, I want to be a part of beckett again. I don’t mind paying the few dollars to get the magazines every month in the mail or pay the fee on the trading site to showcase my collection and get to know other collectors around the world. Call this a cry for help or some type of plea. Please if there is anything I can do to clear my name and get the ban lifted please let me know. Thank you for your help and your time.

86 Airlift Wing Command Post
Ramstein AB, Germany
DSN: 480-2121
Com: 06371472121

Jan 9 (10 days ago)

to Richard
I read over the notes from your ban and considering your email have lifted the ban on your account, welcome back.

Thanks for serving our country and if that's all that happened for you to get banned was to leave a neutral feedback that must have been one hell of netural or Beckett or the other member are very sensitive. Anyways welcome back .... Good luck
That was before my time on this site. No worries from over here. Welcome back and here's to good trading!
Welcome back!
Thanks everyone for the kind words
i dont see a problem but thanks for being honest
I know there are still a few people that see it a different way, which is fine im not expecting all positive comments on here. Im just trying to come clean of who i am putting everything in the past and move forward. I am hoping to bury the hatchet with a few. I have nothing but time and i know time is what its going to take.
All is forgiven here.
Wow is all I can say I can not believe you got banned for a neutral feedback left that sucks cause if I get a bum deal on a trade I will def leave bad feedback yes bad not neg but welcome back and good luck in the future. I am looking for any and all Matt Holliday cards that I don't already have
I hate to be the downer here man but shouldn't we at least be honest about what happened? You didn't just leave a neutral. If I recall you left a negative on a moderator from a trade in 2011. You owed a bunch of people cards. You also changed the title of a stickier thread to something about Beckett being against our military.

Lets at least really be honest if we are saying we are honest.

Also post #327 here is a little more info. If you could kindly explain all that then I may change my way if thinking.
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