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Full Version: MAIL DAY!!!!
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Got some stuff in today, I love when the mail man has a handful of packages standing in front of my mailbox lol. The Walton is #ed /25 the Russell is #ed /10 and the Parish is #ed /5 and the Jersey Piece has a part of his signature on it. The Shaq is the Borderless Refractor and the Graded one is only the Trade RC but still wanted it. I will start focusing on getting the actual RC and the beam team soon.

[Image: 00000000000000000000000000000000000000_zpsafecaf1f.jpg]

[Image: Shaq13_zps76ae792e.jpg]

This bad boy I just won, a nice piece for my New Cleveland collection!

[Image: T2eC16ZkE9s4BEKWBQ6jHS6ow60_57_zps61dc0766.jpg]
I want that

Nice Russell for your RED auto set i assume...
I have been wanting to pick one up ever since I saw JMarchands and have had several on my Ebay watch list. Tonight I decided it was time to buy something, just recovered from my last purchases, (I have been avoiding my watch list on ebay because I can't help myself sometimes and impulse buy) so I finally look at my watch list and the first thing ending is the Kyrie auto in 1 minute I hurried up clicked it and saw it was at like 114 or something I think I got it for like $115.50. Can't wait, my other Kyrie autos are Redemptions and I am tired of waiting lol.

And yessir the Russell is for the Red Auto set. Just playing the waiting game now to see when the others I need pop up. It looks like a decent amount of new Preferred stuff gets added everyday to ebay so people must be opening it still... hopefully my last nine pop up.
Graded Shaq is sweet!
Lets hope we can get that trade over the line to get me a Shaq I need Wink
i love multiple mail days man! Love the platinum Stack. I have the regular and player's club around here somewhere, maybe I should pick up the platinum too for a mini-rainbow Smile
Thanks guys! Yeah the Platinum Stackhouse is one I have wanted for a long time. I just don't usually pick up much for my stackhouse collection these days. I liked the Platinum Cards from the 95-96 CC. I still need the Stackhouse SR Players Club and Players Club Platinum. The graded trade RC fits right in with the other graded Shaqs.