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Full Version: Russell Westbrook Chrome Red #d Back From Grading!
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It's so purty!!!

[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-2.jpg]
That is a nice looking card. Congrats on the grade!
Hell of a grade and card
That's such a nice card without the grade but with that grade? Wow! Congrats.
Love the color boarded cards... they really stand out!
The 08-09 Chrome Red Refractors are some of the nicest looking cards IMHO of course Wink
That's an amazing Westbrook. I've got 7 Westbrook RC auto's that I'm going to send in for grading soon. I'm a bit nervous about it though. LoL. Congrat's on the 9.5. If I can get even 2 out of the 7 at 9.5, I will be pretty happy.