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Full Version: Something I noticed
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I recentley have been seeing a lot of good play coming from Matt Barnes as of late. So I went to see what other autos of his there are besides the Press Pass auto I already have. Nothing.. Unless your looking for Matt Barnes of baseball. I thought this was weird since hes been around a while an not a terrible player at all. One other thig, the Press Pass is selling for cheap considering he doesnt have many out there. Has anyone seen others or know why there is not much value to a good player with few autos?
Did A Beckett search and theres only 12. Press Pass and Sage. Thats it.
That is very interesting. With all the scrubs Panini gets to sign you would think they could get an established role player to sign.
I know right. Lots of the autos in this years products are of players who are already in the D league or havent seen any action on the court yet.
I asked the same question last year when he was playing for the Lakers. My goal was to get an auto'd card from all the players in the Lakers roster and it had to be in a Lakers uniform but found nothing for Barnes. In the end I settled for his SAGE HIT Autograph Gold card in UCLA gear.
Rick Fox is another Laker that did not sign any cards during his years in L.A. and very few with his other teams. I bought an IP auto of his that I'll be sending in to JSA or PSA for authentication.
Maybe I'll do the same for Matt Barnes.
I got a SP Rick Fox Auto if you are interested. Its one of those homecourt thingys.