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Full Version: LCS pick-up and a special Canadian delivery...finally!! SCANS
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Well, I told myself I wouldn't trade with Canadians again because of how long it takes to send and receive lol... My OCD does not allow me to have the patience to wait Smile

Before I get to the Canadian delivery, I picked this up the other day:

RC #'d/599

[Image: 599_zps271e2135.jpg]

Finally, one of my ALL TIME favs...scanner acting up; pic doesn't do this MINT beauty justice:

Thunder and Lighting

[Image: image_zps97c60f24.jpg]
that card's worth the wait man, sick MJ!
Nice! Cards like that really make me wish Panini wasn't the only licensed producer......
I waited for ages for gem mint graded 1 to be up for sale, I sent what I thought was a gem mint version to bgs and it was returned a bgs 8.5, it had white spots on the back of the card through the middle 99% of the thunder and lightning have it, it's from the foil on the front of the card, this is my psa 10 [Image: image.jpg]
I got a little of it on the back side but nothing too damning. 9 for sure BUT, wishing for a 9.5 when I send out... Scan your backside for

not that backside want to see what the PSA 10 looks like.
Got a pic of the backside?
Nice pick ups I really like that Thunder & Lighting MJ