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Full Version: Whats your thoughts on this situation?
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What if you were in a contenders case break. you bought a team lets say Charlotte,lol, for your team knowing the hits in the product prior to buying. Like a Larry Johnson swatch auto /99 or Kemba Walker Swatch auto with a slight chance at an MKG auto. Then when the card you were hoping hard for, lets say the Larry Johnson, who is clearly wearing a jersey that says Charlotte, hits. Then the breaker says it goes to the customer who bought N.O. When it no where says it goes to the franchise, not the jersey. What would your reaction be? Keep in mind, the spot is cheap and the only card your team got besides base was 6 of the exact same insert. I love group breaks, but this one turned sour.

Also, I know the risk and if I were to only get base and an insert, I would understand that thats how the cookie crumbles. I was soo excited to see it hit then have it ripped out of my heart.
I would say that is actually pretty typical. The cards of past players usually go to the franchise, not the city. At least this has been my experience. If you were to buy in on a break for OKC you would be eligible for a Kemp hit for example. It is the best a lot of these break organizers can do with all these legends cards and franchises changing names and locations.

What happens when the original Hornets became the Pelicans?
What happens when the original Hornets became the Pelicans?
Exactly! I was in a break a couple weeks ago and got a Rex Chapman auto no problem fron the NO owner there. Also, in the contenders break, I was a new customer and the NO owner was a regular...
Larry had nothing to do with NO they moved years after. He played 10 minutes from my house. How does that go to N.O. he has more to do with the Knicks than the NO hornets.
Its always been what the Jersey says for my experience. If it were the Minnesotta Lakers, and the jersey said Lakers, it would go to the Lakers, if it said Minnesotta, the the Twolves would get it.
(01-12-2013, 02:35 PM)quavis Wrote: [ -> ]Its always been what the Jersey says for my experience. If it were the Minnesotta Lakers, and the jersey said Lakers, it would go to the Lakers, if it said Minnesotta, the the Twolves would get it.
Yeah, that has not been my experience. A lakers card would go to a lakers purchaser regardless of what the jersey says. A few weeks ago I was in on a break that hit a Ray Allen auto with him in a Boston jersey, but the card clearly noted him as a member of the Heat. I would have loved the card, but it deserved to go to the Miami buyer. The only true way of doing to IMHO is to follow the franchise depicted on the card. For Grandmama that means the Hornets as his Charlotte team is now in New Orleans.

Have to disagree. that leaves too many whats and buts. Jersey deciding is clear as it can be seen and understood by all participants.
I have seen them do it with what the card says the team is. Like with Ray and the Heat. That is also a clear way to do it. But it needs to be set that way for the breaker. You cant just say, thats how Im going to do it in the moment, as Im sure this is the first Johnson he pulled with a CHARLOTTE Jersey. To match a player up with a franchise rather than the city basically is saying,what George Shinn said, screw you. Im going to be really pissed when I see that card on the Bay rather than my PC, bbecause the N.O. guy will have no ties to that card.
I was in a gold standard random break and there was a Kobe pulled, youd think Lakers of course, but the card was depicting the time he was drafted, on the back it said Charlotte Hornets. Hornets got that card because the breaker made it clear that the team on the card was the owner, not the jersey, not the franchise.
So what would you do with a hit with a jersey of say the Sonics, Bullets, Grizzlies (is there such a thing as a Grizzlies hit?), etc,

I agree team on card gets it. Personally those are the only breaks I go with. Which is why my experience would have LJ going to New Orleans because that is where the hornets are. Again, just my .02.
Haha, Grizzly hit. Thats funny. Those other teams were not replaced in the cities they origionated. Bobcats replaced the hornets, but its still Charlotte. Thats what I ment by what the jersey said. If the city didnt have a team, it obviously would go to the franchise, wherever it is, only because no one would buy a team that didnt exsist. you could look at it in a different way, why would I pay $50 for a team for a chance to get the same hits that sell for a couple dollars on Ebay (Taylor .99 and Bismack 3.99)? Besides the Kemba and MKG Patches which are #ed to 10. No way in hell Im going in expecting to hit one of those. I could buy every auto for the Bobcats out of that set for about $60-70.
I obviously have a point, because the guy refunded my money immediatley. I feel that I was the new guy and the other guy was a "friend" regular. Do you think the new guy is going to get the best hit out of the box if it can be avoided? I dont.
If Seattle gets their team and name back, then what happens to the retro Sonics? The franchise moved to OKC. You gonna tell the Seattle guy his Durant in a sonics uniform goes to OKC? That would be a show.
different people have different rule for that. Thats why I always read them before I buy a team.
He had none to read. I looked.
Personally, I would think it would go with the franchise. I don't know if Charlotte regained it's franchise when they brought in the Bobcats, but this is currently being talked about with the case of Sacramento/Seattle. Some thing Seattle should get it's franchise back from OKC, meaning many of the franchise records from OKC would change from Payton, Kemp, etc. to....probably all Durant. Smile I'd say leave this one alone and use it as a measuring stick in future breaks. Though they can't be publicized on here, and we don't really condone them, we know they happen. So in the future, if you're wanting to buy into one, ask them up front because of the situation with your city's team.
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