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Full Version: WTTF Roy Halladay and these Guys...
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First of all: Hi everyone. I'm new in this forum, hoping to enlarge my Halladay PC here, which I began last year.

Here are some cards that are FT

[Image: Triple_AU.jpg]

[Image: Stanton_GU_AU.jpg]

[Image: BowmanTaveras.jpg]

[Image: ToppsChromeMontero.jpg]

[Image: RipkenGU-1.jpg]

I'm searching also everything from Ivan Nova, Max Kepler and Donald Lutz.
I prefer to trade Auto/ Auto, GU/GU

Now check my org and my bucket (Link in my sig) and let us trade Smile

Offers please with scans

- Alex
Those are some pretty sweet cards! Your bucket show no media though.
What is that scribble where the Taveras AU should be. Man, that's horrible. I want it!
Looking for any base or inserts of him? Let me know.----walter
i have a few Halladay cards. even a GU in my PC i would consider moving for those.
@neifert: thanks. can't you see the scans in my bucket? for me it works. all cards in my bucket are listed in my org. if you want a scan of a specific card, then I can send them to you via pn.

@jimmy: yeah that taveras au is really funny Smile.. but i find nothing in your org at the moment.

@walnuts: yes I am looking for anything from him.

@chaparoni: what GU did you have? and on which of my cards are you interested in?

These are the 5 cards I have of him

2007 Bowman Gold #149 Roy Halladay,
2008 Topps Opening Day #104 Roy Halladay,
2009 Sweet Spot Swatches #RH Roy Halladay,
2010 Bowman Chrome Refractors #180 Roy Halladay,
2012 Topps Chrome X-Fractors #28 Roy Halladay
We have 10 or 11 Halladay inserts in our org if you are interested.
really really want that Taveras. Wish I had Halladay. Check my bucket anyway please.

I will also check your buckets and org for nice trade baits.

I'm looking also for an autograph of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Ken Griffey jr.

an RC of Mariano Rivera and Cal Ripken jr. would also be nice
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