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Full Version: What are you going to do/buy with your INCOME TAX $?
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The fortunate ones know what time it isSmile

Getting around 10 stacks this year again...I knew my 3 kids would pull their weight eventuallySmile

Looking at an MJ auto, rookie BGS 9 Fleer and a couple of higher end inserts...

You guys??
Man...I'm glad I don't have kids yet but my tax returns are typically only about $700 so I don't have big plans for it. HOWEVER...

I'm only going half-time to grad school this semester so I got a touch over $3k back from scholarships. Most will be put to paying off the remainder of my wedding, but I am currently watching a few MJ autos on the 'bay in hopes of snatching my first one!

And, of course, an old-school box or two to bust Smile
Sorry for me, but I'm not one of those fortunate ones...will have to pay this year again, same as last year and the year before...apparently the IRS has no mercy on single fathers who have kids and get taxed at a single person much to pay!!! April is my least favorite part of the year...I guess I should stop before I type something inappropriate as this subject gets me all riled up!!! Congrats to those who will get something!!!
(01-09-2013, 06:44 PM)mickey7mantle7 Wrote: [ -> ]Getting around 10 stacks this year again...I knew my 3 kids would pull their weight eventuallySmile
Hilarious! We have 2 kids and usually get 3 or 4k's back. Might be taking a small vacation but I doubt any cards will be bought. That's kinda how I got myself in so much debt in college to begin with. So I try not to buy too much.

I'll be looking to get the following with my Tax Return.

1995-96 Flair Hot Numbers Michael Jordan - This card has been on my wishlist since it came out.
A Kobe Refractor or two from his rookie year. Not the Topps Chrome as its too expensive but maybe one of the Bowmans Best or Finest (Bronze or Gold).
Penny Hardaway Auto -On Card preferrably
im gonna put a lil dent on my mortgage loan and im starting a new pc Golden State Warriors (hardaway,mullin,richmond,ellis,curry,lee,owens,webber,smith,davis,sprewell,richardson, and jackson)..
Can't wait to see them^
I won't be getting any back this year, but other than the singles I'm constantly buying I think I'm going to save up for a case of the preferred Coming out in March. They were my favorite product of 2011-12 and I can't wait to rip into the new stuff.