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Full Version: 3 1/1 printing plates for sale
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Hey i have the following 1/1 printing plates for sale
2009 topps t 206 John Smoltz printing plate 1/1 $27
2008 Topps Juan uribe printing plate 1/1 $15
2010 Topps John Lackey printing plate 1/1 $15

if you are interested in buying them let me know thanks.
scans are in my bucket

Willing to negotiate prices. lmk I want to get rid of these today
How about I lower the prices to $22 $12 & $12 ?
No one is interested in 1/1's anymore?
I could do $15 for the Smoltz
You have a pm
No one collects printing plates ?
Bump up
I could do 6 or 7 for the lackey, depending on shipping
ill pass thanks cant do anything less than 11 on it with paypal fees and shipping