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Full Version: My Current Needlists
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Sets Needlist:

2012 Triple Threads Emerald: 142 more to complete set

2012 Gypsy Queen - 44 more to complete base set and all insert sets.

2012 Bowman - Base set complete except for Darvish auto. Still working on complete Braves rainbow including the international versions, but excluding red parallel

2011 Topps Chrome- 31 more to complete base set.
2011 Finest - need #s 3,16,26,48
2010 Bowman Chrome - 25 more to complete set (including autos)
2010 Bowman Platinum - need #s 3,10,30,66

Other Projects:
2012 Topps Chrome Braves Rainbow
2011 Topps Chrome Brandon Beachy
Chipper, Javy, current Braves, Longoria, Ripken
pm me what GQ you need and you can check for the triple threads emrald
I have nearly a second set of GQ let me know what you need, as well.
Thanks for all of the offers. Still lots to go.