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Full Version: Wife bought me an early birthday present.
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My wife surprised me with my early birthday present tonight.

I think she is finally figuring this card thing out. Let me know what you think. If I'd have bought this she'd have shot me though.

[Image: 67a0fcd383db0c9855455e5c663a395e.jpg]

I already had this so it may be for trade now. Not gonna move it easy though.

[Image: scan0352-1.jpg]
That's awesome. I'm desperately trying to get my girlfriend on board with card collecting. As of today she still has ZERO interest and knows nothing about them. I guess I'll keep trying though. Congrats on the card; looks greats!
Amazing! Was looking at one exactly like it. Great design and bold auto. Just a pretty card. Congrats and kudos to your wife for the amazing present AND trying
i'm hoping my wife jumps on board soon. my kids are starting to get really excited about new ryan braun cards and other cool brewer stuff, its about time that daddy gets some cards from the kids as birthday and christmas presents. until then- more slippers.

sick card buddy!!!!
nice... even the edges and corners make it look like its from that era. way to go...
(01-05-2013, 02:28 AM)daddys lil all star Wrote: [ -> ]nice... even the edges and corners make it look like its from that era. way to go...
Yeah the five star is a bit rough. It's pretty common on these from,what is.

Still a sweet card of a hoF
Even for a bit rough it's still an awesome looking card. Congrats!
You should try for a koufax with the extra aaron
Wow that is one nice looking card. Good for you. That is an awesome birthday present.
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