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Full Version: Need advice with Letter cards
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Hey everyone. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I just got back into collecting in the last few months and I have grown very intrigued by the Upper Deck Letter cards. From what I can see they use to reproduce replica letters from the mid to late 2000's. I would love to put together a set that spells out BOSTON or CELTICS, preferably with autos on them. Does anyone have any advice I. A year, set, series that may have had a larger print run and thus improving my chance of completing a set? Was UD the only company that did this. Thank you in advance.
Don't really know which angle you are trying to go about it. If you would like to just spell out Boston C's, you can use all sports to do it. Are you looking for only celtics? Are you only looking for basketball? Are you looking for a single set and year to use?
Hey Kenarm. I guess your response highlights what little I know about these cards. Preferably I would want to spell out either Boston or Celtics with a single series/ set/ year. Otherwise I would like to do Boston in all Basketball, or if it came to it I know I could do Boston using the four pro sports. My question is will I be ale to find a single set that meets my needs or should I lower the standards and just search for a variety of cards that work?
Best bet is collecting the SP Authentic 2008-09 "City Name" letter cards... but going this route is extremely difficult.. because most are in personnel collections aready, since they been out for for over 3 years.. & have a very low print run..

UD made to versions of "letters" that year... one was called "full name" where the letters spelled the player's full name... the other version (more limited) was called "city name" spelling the entire team name. In your case, "Boston Celtics".

These cards cost $40-150+ each... so you got to think about your finances & how much are you willing to spend... ??

I'd recommend trying to get any letters that spell Celtics... doesn't matter if it is the fullname or cityname.. Check out this link or search "SP authentic 2008-09 city" for list of cards, then filter by "celtics".

I fell in love with these type of cards & been constantly searching for the Lakers ones..

Other sets that have letters are UD BLACK, Hot Prospects, Chronology, SP Game Used... but they are more expensive.. seems like prices for Chronology letters have dropped for the less unpopular players.. you might be able to pick up some HOF'ers on the cheap... Good luck!

Here is some of my collection.. I do need up update pics with new cards I've received in the last few months..
[Image: BYNUM_cityname_zpsceaebfd7.jpg]
[Image: BYNUMLETTERS_zpsa4f2fccd.jpg]
[Image: JOECRAWFORD.jpg]

Thanks JPleaz, your collection is stunning. I think I might start by trying to collect a B O S T O N from different celtics players from the 2006-07 Chronology letterman set, and then see if I can work towards something more complete. I would love the city set you mentioned, but that ma be next to impossible to complete.