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Full Version: Help with grading please
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I'm new and am looking to unload my complete die cast collection. The problem is that I've had it in storage at several locations over the years and a large number of the boxes have gotten very damaged by rodents and dampness. Most, if not all, of the cars are mint. Most have never been removed from the boxes.

All that being said, what percent do I need to downgrade off the suggested Beckett price based on box damage?

I appreciate any help with this so I can start selling off my collection.

Thank you
its going to destroy the value for most collectors. I would estimate 50 percent because collectors want the boxes and for it to be their decision if they get rid of them. Most people do not want something a rat has chewed on and is damp for any reason.

That is 50 percent off of what the low book value at best. unless you have a rare car that someone needs for a display so they do not care about boxes
That's what I figured. What a sin that I didn't store them better. Thank you for the input!
Yeah that killed the value sorry