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Full Version: 1985 Star Michael Jordan
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I know that this is not the rookie but I found myself in a decent spot to pick up this card in trade at the LCS.
[Image: IMG_0001_zps6d97398a.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002_zpsdb02fd2a.jpg]

So, to all of the MJ experts out there my question is the following: My LCS guy....I trust this dude and trust his judgement. He trusts the dude that he got it from. The story can only go so far though. Something of this nature I would imagine would be faked fairly often(even though the Beckett listing does not have the exclamation point).

What are the tell tale signs of a counterfeit of this card? I was told the copyright marks are typically "off" on fakes. Also, the pixels in the photo as well is another sign(photos have come a long way in 20 something years). I know that I can just send it in and pay for authentification and grading but I am curious as to any tell tale signs.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Looks fake to me. The details are too perfect. Too good to be true in my opinion. Tell the owner to send it in for grading before you trade.

Look at it closely with a magnifier and you should be able to tell if it was printed with a lazor printer or not...

Either way, I would stay away unless YOU know for sure. TRUST NO ONE!!
SO I have a magnifier and the would I tell if it was printed with a laser printer?
I think you may be ok. The Last 11 ROY card that you have was not one that was heavily counterfeited. Also, it was not one of the issues that was "reprinted". They second series of 86 Star, the best of the new and I believe the crunch were the only ones and on the crunch the border is a different color.

The one you have looks like it could be good. I would get it graded and if you have a relationship with the dealer then I'm sure you can return if fake but I think your safe.