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Full Version: A little help with the year this "card" was made
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I have two of these playing cards and I am trying to determine what year they were manufactured. Any help would be appreciated. The company also made cards of the Penguins, Bruins, Black Hawks and Red Wings. The package of 52 cards sells for around $10.00.

[Image: UnknownYearPlayingCard10.jpg]

[Image: 10PlayingCardPelleLindbergh.jpg]

Thanks to all you hockey card historians (a little ahead of time).
Those came from Hero Decks - they make playing cards for multiple sports. If you go to you can get a listing of when they were made... I believe there's only one set for the Flyers and that site says they were made available in October 2010. The site also gives a phone number and there's a "contact us" link as well, so maybe you can get a full set. Good luck.
I knew some wise person would have the answer. Thank you very much. Love the knowledgeable folks on this site.
that is a pretty sweet card congrats