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Full Version: Local card shops in Florida?
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Hey all, I'm on vacation for a couple weeks in Florida, and would like to find some card shops nearby. I'm in Lady Lake, which is close to Leesburg, about a half hour or so from Ocala, and maybe 45 minutes from Orlando. Willing to drive about an hour out of the way to get there, and may take a day trip to Tampa over the weekend. Let me know if you're familiar with any places that you would recommend an out-of-stater, only looking for hockey, both singles and boxes. Cheers, and happy holidays!
I was lucky enough to find a hobby shop, with very little hockey, but I picked up a box of 08-09 SPx, 07-08 UD Series 1 and 09-10 MVP. Will post a box break tonight, sadly without scans since I have no scanner, haha.
Sorry. ...just know of south fla ones....ft lauderdale area.....glad u could find one up there.
there is 1 in jacksonville that had some hockey

i forgot what one it was
Bruins fan did u go to orlando sportcards on orange blossomu trail?