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Full Version: 1995-96 Shaq Mystery Finest Refractor Question
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I am contemplating buying this card

[Image: T2eC16NHJGIE9nnWpUhJBQ1PvNlDw60_57_zps47cdbbf5.jpg]

The thing is, Beckett only has two refractor versions listed, the Bordered Test Refractor, and the Gold Borderless Refractor. According to the slab it is a 1995 Mystery Bordered Refractor. So is this the test refractor? I am getting it for about 90% off book value if it is the test refractor so I am very curious to know. Any help is greatly appreciated.
yea, thats the test refractor. dropped from 1000 to 250 dollars last year. rumor was that only 20-50 made it into packs, but that is complete hogwash....i held onto at least 35 unique copies of this card that ended up in my dutch auction at one time or another
that refractor line kills the value of the card, btw. market value gets cut in half
Thanks I appreciate the help. I am definitely getting a steal on it then.
What refractor line are you referring to?
refractor line was easier to see in the auction...but there was a vertical ref line, about 35% from the left

lot of last second bids on this one...which is fairly typical
Yeah, this is the test and I got $40 cash for the BGS 8 copy I had that we haggled on. Well centered copies without refractor lines get the high beckett value. Most bring $40-$50.
Yeah, ever since you showed me yours, I have been trying to find one... that one ended up at 60 something, I let it pass. Already put more into Shaq this month than I wanted to. I'll get one someday lol.