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Full Version: PMG help and advice
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So I bought this lebron james pmg and received it today and noticed on the right side you can see lines of white,almost looks like its in the shape of a mountain. it almost looks intentional but cant tell if its a surface imperfection or supposed to be like that. anyone have any experience with these who knows??

[Image: lebron.jpg]
I have never actually seen the Lebron in person, but have you tried comparing yours with pics of the other ones that have sold on ebay. It does look like a mountain. Nice pickup by the way that card is a beaut!
any help?
It's a surface imperfection; I've seen them without it. Still, its a beauty!
by looking at the picture what would you guess the grade would be?
Looks like a slight print flaw. Looks the the bottom corners are a little rounded, that might knock it down to an 8 .
just got a response from upperdeck and they said its normal. They compared it to other blue pmg's and said its normal