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Full Version: PC Update. Celtics Retired #'s/ HOFers RCs
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I have posted my PC goal of collecting the RC's of all Celtics who have their retired number hanging in the rafters at the Garden. I have completed up through the 70's and into the 60's. I will be putting this chase on hold for a few months as the last handful is going to cost some big bucks to find quality PSA slaps for sale.

I also picked up a Reggie Lewis PSA 9, but did not take a pic.

And no scanner yet, sorry for the shadowy pics.

[Image: P1010337_zpsdbd7fa80.jpg]

[Image: P1010338_zps67c27eb6.jpg]

[Image: P1010339_zpse0f82655.jpg]

[Image: P1010336_zps451fb760.jpg]

[Image: P1010343_zpsb5a01582.jpg]

[Image: P1010342_zpsb6cad34d.jpg]

[Image: P1010340_zps9c30bc44.jpg]

[Image: P1010341_zpsa25eff20.jpg]
Very nice. Do you have a minimum grade you look for on those? I see you have all 8's and one 7
My goal is a minimum of 8. The one 7 I have listed above I got a great price on, and the only 8 I could find at the time was WAY over priced. The only other 7 I currently have in the collection is the Bird RC which I owned and had graded. Came back with a 7 for centering. My hope is to trade it and some cash for an 8 at some point.

As I work towards cards for the 60s and 50s my criteria may have to shift due to cost. Finding a Heinsohn, Cousy, and/or Russell graded at 8 is going to be major bucks.
Is it the full one with Magic and DR. J on it? If so I might be interested in buying if you are wanting to sell.
(12-26-2012, 06:05 PM)hof collector 15 Wrote: [ -> ]Is it the full one with Magic and DR. J on it? If so I might be interested in buying if you are wanting to sell.
It is. I am not actively shopping it at this time, but please feel free to make an offer. I would consider any fair offers.

[Image: P1010194.jpg]
Well whether I make an offer or not it is still a beauty of a card. You have a very nice collection.
I just picked up a McHale & JoJo White RC in a trade the last couple days. They're ungraded and they definitely wouldn't grade well but still like to pick up RC cards of the popular ones. Can't wait to see when you get a Russell or Cousy. Should be a beast of a collection.
Thanks HoF,

I also have raw Maxwell, Nelson, and Cowens RCs that I would be willing to trade or sell if you were ever interested. One of them has a rough corner or two, maybe a grade 6 or 5, but the other two are solid.
HOF, Theres a Bird, Erving, Johnson at my LCS thats been sitting there a while. I could make an offer for you if you want. I think he has a sticker of $100 or $120 on it but he usually will listen to offers. LMK if you want me to make an offer for you.
Sweet old stuff, brings back memories. Jo Jo White is awesome.
LOL I'm sitting on about $150 in paypal and it's burning a hole in my pocket. I don't know what I want to get. I'd really like to tackle one of the big 4 and try to get an auto of them but man I'd love to have that RC too. Thanks Quavis I will definitely let you know.