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Full Version: Cards that every basketball collection must have (scans welcome)
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Saw a thread like this on another forum and thought it would be fun for here. What are done cards that you think any basketball collection must have? I start with the obvious:

[Image: MJs.jpg]
This might draw some

Cards that every MJ collection should have? Or every BB collection period?

I will agree and say the MJ RC (Fleer) should be in everyone's collection whether he/she is an MJ freak or not... the Star RC should be had by any the real "die hard" MJ fan/collector.

I sold my MJ Fleer 8.5 not long ago for other cards. I will be getting a BGS 9 when my income tax arrivesSmile
I never had a Star RC, I might look into that later on down the road. Right now my focus is on some other MJ inserts that I really want.

Well, I guess every "MJ Collector" should have one of these:

[Image: IMG_0338-1.jpg]

and one of these:

[Image: 1998SkyBoxSoulofheGame.jpg]

just a couple of my favs from the PC.
Hopefully no controversy hahaha!

I suppose MJ collections would help keep the topic much tighter but why not open it up to all basketball and see an even wider range of beauties!

If this topic gets going, we can always make an MJ ONLY edition!

Glad to see someone getting in on the thread, hopefully this can get fun. Another that I need to get a scan on is the Bird/Magic and one I will add to the PC soon, the Kobe Chrome RC, if anyone has scans of theirs, please add em!
I think the most collectible are RC's right? I can't think of any card that is a must that isn't a RC or maybe an auto. Well most of the cards you need I don't have lol sooo......
Here's a list of the few that I definitely want eventually
Jordan Fleer RC
Bird/Magic/RC Dr. J Topps
Kobe Topps Chrome RC

Other Kobe RC's
[Image: BRYANT_RC_5.jpg]

This is a popular one that stands out.
[Image: ROBINSON_D_RC.jpg]

I'm not sure if this is the most popular, I have 3 others and I think that's it.
[Image: ONEAL_S_RC_1.jpg]

The only 2 I have from this set
[Image: WORTHY_RC.jpg]

[Image: DUMARS_RC.jpg]
That is kind of hard to respond to, at least for me. I can think of a ton of cards every good collection should have, unfortunately I don't have any of them lol. However I do think every good collection should at least have a Shaq RC and RC year insert so I will make my humble contribution. (The RCs should be in better condition but these were easier to access than my box with the slabbed Shaqs)

[Image: 0002_zps9787cf2b.jpg]
I remember when i first got back into collecting around 2001-2002 or so. The Big time guy was Vinsanity. I love Vince Carter and his cards were off the chart. Now they are becoming crazy cheap. The 3 cards I always wanted were.
The Finite RC and the Ultra Lucky 13 card.
As well as the Finest RC
[Image: CARTER_RC3.jpg]
Great call on the Robinson Hoops RC! People forget how serious he was in his prime and that was a major card.

Shaq is a must have too... Still looking for my 9.5 beam team or UD RC.
MJ 1986-87 Fleer Rookie...Most iconic card ever made!
MJ 1993-94 Ultra Scoring King...The most sort after insert back in the day!

(12-26-2012, 09:37 PM)hegotgame1515 Wrote: [ -> ]MJ 1986-87 Fleer Rookie...Most iconic card ever made!
MJ 1993-94 Ultra Scoring King...The most sort after insert back in the day!
I'll throw my scoring king in the

[Image: 93-94UltraScoringKings.jpg]

Another fav of mine. I think most of his fit that category.)
Here are a few...

Kobe Bryant, Topps Chrome RC
[Image: KOBEBRYANTBGS95X2.jpg]

Lew Alcinder, Topps RC
[Image: LewAlcindorRC.jpg]

Pete Maravich, Topps RC
[Image: 1970PETEMARAVICHRC.jpg]
Two more more that basketball collectors should have...

Michael Jordan, 1986 Fleer Sicker
[Image: MichaelJordan2012SCPJulyAuctiona.jpg]

Julius Erving, Topps RC
[Image: 1972ToppsJuliusErvingRCPSA6.jpg]
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