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Full Version: One Heck of a Christmas! 10 Boxes of Cards Plus a New Game Used Jersey! UPDATED 12/25
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So once again, another Christmas has come and gone. The jolly man in red has ridden down all of our chimneys to dispense his gifts.

I was not disappointed this Christmas...never have been.

I earned a plethora of gifts from "Santa", ranging from hockey stuff to more fun stuff like a brand new phone to replace my half a decade old relic of cellphone history.

Anyways, I digress. This Christmas, for the fun of hockey, I got ten boxes of products, as well as a new game-used jersey for my collection.

Let's get started with the boxes!

First up was a box of 2001-02 Pacific Vanguard.

The hits were dual jerseys of Conroy/Stillman, and Miller/Kovalev, a blue parallel #/89 of Dafoe, a RC #/404 of Huselius, and Premiere Date #/83 of Fedorov.

Next up was two boxes of 2001-02 Titanium.

The dual jerseys were: Sakic/Tanguay, Hossa/Dopita, McLennan/Kuba, Tanguay/Nedorost, Belfour/Turgeon, Thornton/Guerin, Havlat/Hossa, Lalime/Gagne, Hejduk/Drury, Calder/Nylander, Kolanos/Langkow, and Alfredsson/Lalime.

Hobby parallels #/94 were of Daniel Sedin, Sergei Samsonov, Alexei Yashin, Ziggy Palffy.

Next up was a box of 2001-02 Private Stock.

The jerseys and patch were of Stillman, Savard, Yzerman, Sundin, Damphousse, Mironov (patch), Marshall, Dumont.

The rookie #/414 was of Pavel Datsyuk. The Premiere Date #/100 was of Peter Bondra, and the gold parallel #/106 was of Alexei Yashin.

[Image: 0102privatestockxmas.jpg]

Next up was 2 boxes of 2002-03 Titanium...the hunt for the #/21 Irbe patch.

The jerseys and patches were: Perreault, Ferraro, Pronger, Legwand, Kallio, Kolzig, Klesla, O'Neill, Lindros, Smyth, Lemieux, Messier, Biron, Bell, Brind'Amour (patch), Kiprusoff (patch).

Red parallels (#/299) were of Somik, Sakic, Gaborik (x2), Lidstrom, Satan, Hainsey, Bure.

[Image: 0203titaniumxmas.jpg]

And finally were 4 boxes of the 2005-06 Between the Pipes Superbox. I got two Billy Smith autographs, a Johnny Bower autograph, a Glenn Hall autograph, a Patrick Roy jersey #/80, a Jose Theodore gold jersey #/20, a Jose Theodore Glove #/20, and a Gerry Cheevers Pad #/20.

[Image: 0506btpsuperbox4.jpg]

And last but not least is my latest game-used addition delivered by Santa.

I had admired this particular goaltender since he became the unofficial shootout king of the Oilers in the 2005-06 season. Coming out of nowhere, Michael (Mike) Morrison ended up playing in 20 games for the Oilers and shocking the league by becoming a nearly undefeatable goalie in the shootout. He finished the year with 10 wins and 4 losses. This jersey was worn by him in his rookie year, 2005-06.


[Image: morrisonjsyfront.jpg]

Crest with puck marks:

[Image: morrisonjsycrest.jpg]

Front-right sleeve with puck mark:

[Image: morrisonjsyrightsleeve.jpg]

Front-left sleeve with tear:

[Image: morrisonjsyleftsleeve.jpg]


[Image: morrisonjsytags.jpg]


[Image: morrisonjsyback.jpg]

So there you go. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that your Christmases were as excellent as mine!

Also, please don't send me messages asking for trades. I no longer trade except for Irbes, Szupers, and 2003-04 SPGU Game Gear. I am almost exclusively a game-used collector now.

Fun update. After some digging through Oilers archival footage, I screenshotted a photomatch to this exact jersey. This game occurred on February 12, 2006 though I am sure that he wore it other times as well!

[Image: morrisonjsyphotomatch.jpg]
i love the kiprusoff patch, so deadly! nice pickups, and excellent morrison jersey!
Awesome Xmas for you!!! Always nice to get a new gamer...esp when its a gift!!!

Im buying myself a gamer for the start of the new enforcer one ive seen floating around I was finally able to traxk down and secure.
Wow that is so sweet. Congrats. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the comments everyone!

Also can't wait to see your new GU addition Hugh! Just like you, I have now created a second website dedicated entirely to my memorabilia collection!
love the Billy Smith auto's. I feel like he's trying to woo me with those dreamy eyes of his. I want to look away....but can't seem to do so......
Killer photomatch! Hopefully you have the LOA though, otherwise that photomatch is meaningless......... Smile
Nice stuff as always Bruce. I've been looking for the 2005-06 BTP set. Where did you get them and how much? I can't seem to find them anywhere.
(12-26-2012, 10:24 AM)phildo37 Wrote: [ -> ]Killer photomatch! Hopefully you have the LOA though, otherwise that photomatch is meaningless......... Smile
I do have an LOA from Meigray, but the photomatch would hopefully be enough otherwise.

You never know though, you get the aluminum foil wearing conspiracy theory people who'd believe that I purposely planted the puck marks on the jersey to look like the one in the picture.
(12-26-2012, 11:33 AM)roussy35 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice stuff as always Bruce. I've been looking for the 2005-06 BTP set. Where did you get them and how much? I can't seem to find them anywhere.
Wayne's had them for the longest time at $89.99 which is the MSRP. They put them on clearance for $39.99 at the beginning of December, and they are all gone now.
damn! I'm actually just looking for the set. #1-25. You wouldn't happen to have one would you? LOL Big Grin
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