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Full Version: Early Christmas for me yay!
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I received some packages in the mail today. A couple from trades here on Beckett, thanks to Dan dou lea and Katykeed for the sweet trades. Lookin forward to more. Now onto the goodies...

[Image: 1B8C1130-4C54-4A4E-A97F-A95287FEE8CD-944...CB3822.jpg]
[Image: 0DA670DE-0055-4EDB-9CFC-B98EA7F6728B-944...4B5633.jpg]
[Image: D3CAAF0D-CA03-4C63-8F24-C33D541833BA-944...7219FC.jpg]
[Image: DC2D6E24-AE39-4523-B5A7-8249241914EE-944...40198B.jpg]
[Image: A1D6C40D-9977-4299-856F-6D3248932A52-944...892EEF.jpg]
[Image: 9961AB5D-2927-48FE-9014-B872B679C515-944...B4C26B.jpg]
[Image: AD1BE6FD-62A5-4CEA-B749-AE92EBF7D23F-944...6A5D52.jpg]
All are for my pc, but may be coerced into trading the Radulov. Thanks for the look and comments are always welcome.
Nice stuff! Are you building the YG sets or just picking off the big RC's?
Im just picking off the better ones.
cool cards, im jealous, those look deadly!
Wow. Very nice.
Wow nice, you must have been very good for Santa to bring you all that...........
You are welcome my friend! Thanks for the sweet Malkin!! Merry Christmas!!!
Nicely done!