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Full Version: 1/1 Black Friday Mail
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Been waiting to get my sketch in for awhile and the player actually had 2 sketches done so I was unaware of which I had been receiving. However, my card came in today and I couldn't be happier with the one of the I got. This is my first 1/1 ever! I know these cards get mixed reviews but I think it is a lot cooler than a lot of other 1/1's being produced cause there is truely only 1 of each card. So without further hesitation...

Thomas Robinson 1/1 Original Sketch Card

[Image: 1220121721_zps69358d3a.jpg]

[Image: 1220122217_zps4f0b6786.jpg]

And the "Made in Taiwan" isn't on the card of course but just the plastic slip I left over the card t oprevent scratches on the slabbed case.

Thanks for the Look!
Literally the best one I have seen. Glad he put some effort into it. Congrats.
Not my cup of tee, but if you like it, that's all that matter. Congrats!
Love T-Rob he is a beast! Kansas collector here! I just got his Totally Certified Red auto in mail a few days ago. Glad to see he actually drew pretty well!
looks like something my son did in art class last week...

looks different GRATS!
That is one of the better ones I have seen. Congrats. I think you scored well.
Nice 1/1! I really don't know how I feel about these but I do have to agree that this is def. one of the better if not the best one I have seen yet.