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Full Version: Opinion on Shaq RC, which is THE one?
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Always been a big shaq fan and can't decide which is the best RC. I am between the beam team and the upper deck non trade. What's the popular opinion?
I think the upper deck trade is the one too image ofall his rcs and pretty iconic to me
The beam Team won’t be considered a RC because it's an insert. I like the UD, and for some reason the Topps RC (even if it’s one of the cheapest).

1992 Hoops MAGICs ALL ROOKIE was one of the cards to get for that year.
I too would go with the Upper Deck Trade just because I like the design.
So it seems the UD is the one. I just love the look of the Beam Team and that was far and away THE Shaq card to pull that year. I remember those Stadium Clubs were going for $6/pack back when they came out. That was unheard of.

I recently ripped a few boxes but no dice on MJ or Shaq, at $25-30/box its a great time.

Ripped an UD High numbers and no Shaq either. Pretty short printed compared to most cards from then if i remember correctly.
Shaq was the player that got me started on collecting cards, I remember my very first basketball cards were the 1992-93 Topps factory sealed set that came with my first Shaq card. So that is probably my personal favorite but if it wasn't that one I'd go with the SkyBox, but my favorite RC insert would have to be either the Topps Archive Gold, or the SkyBox Head of the Class
If I had to pick one it would have to be the Shaq Beam Team card. I remember when Shaq first came into the league. Everyone was comparing him and Jordan as the best players in the game, lol. People really don't give Shaq the credit he deserves. A lot of the rules and the way that the league functioned changed because of him. It's only a couple of players that lay claim to that.
I agree about the UD Trade. Never did pull a Shaq Beam Team though. Maybe I ought to buy a few boxes of that myself to get one.
Personnel favorite was the fleer cause it was the only one I pulled as a kid.. But the upper deck is the #1 rc to me. I also really liked finding the Italian ud rc. Surprised that's not in higher demand.
I like the Ultra. The non-trade UD is cool. I have the trade version (#1b I think). For my ROY collection I am using the Ultra.
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