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Full Version: Sorry Pen's Fans, Eat Your Heart Out
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[Image: DSC01155_zpsb488b4be.jpg]
WOW.......Looks like SilverDave must have been on Santa's nice list..... congrats on the awesome pull.......
His pupils are actually dilating in this pic from that not a chance...great card, sweet grade!
Well since you are posting in the trade area, I suppose that it's for trade then Smile I'll trade you any common auto for it Tongue jk Great card and wonderful grade. Congrats!!!!
Yes, she is a beauty! I've been waiting for a while to receive this back from Beckett and my LCS. No, it's not for trade UNLESS SOMEBODY HAS A HEAVY HITTER THEY WANT TO UNLOAD, otherwise it's for PC. This is more rare than the rest of the Crosby Autofacts of previous years and I pulled this from my very first pack in about 8-1/2 yrs! It was the second card in the pack!
awesome card!
very nice, makes me just a little jelious

thanks for sharing it with us

Nice auto. Too bad the player isnt worth a da*n!!
The other card for 2012-13 Autofacts that has been graded is a Wayne Gretzky.
If you do a population report on "Autofacts Crosby" you will find that it's only 1 of 2 Autofacts Crosby cards that have ever graded a 9.5!!!
Now, if that doesn't make a short printed card even more rare, I don't know what does.
No one has a graded 10 Crosby Autofacts.

Big Grin
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