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Full Version: Another reason I miss Topps and Upper Deck in NBA cards
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I want to hear your thoughts on this. Am I the only one who thinks this is not cool.

Becket just did that article about a Will Wheaton card that he drew on to fix a mistake in the signature. I thought that was cool, but these things Panini is doing, make me wonder what they are thinking.
Yeah they pretty much look like crap! Not sure what they were thinking. IMO.
These guys are athletes not artist. What did they expect them to do with a small piece of cardboard and 3 different colored sharpies?
And is this any better than the draw your own cards comps and inserts UD had in 1998-99/99-00? Simple answer - no.
(12-18-2012, 03:26 PM)taffster74 Wrote: [ -> ]And is this any better than the draw your own cards comps and inserts UD had in 1998-99/99-00? Simple answer - no.
LOL so true.
In all honesty, Panini really doesn't do anything new. They have taken what other companies have done in the past and recreated their products. This on the other hand is just horrible. Their is no real thought put into any of this. My 4yr old daugther can make better pictures than this, lol.
The only real artist the NBA has had has been patrick ewing sr. He got into Georgetown on an Arts SCholarship, Got High Honors in his Fine Arts degree, has done his masters and has had his artworks displayed on US postal Stamps, in the White house and at the US National Art Gallery. Not too many athletes can boast that load of Artistic credential.
those sketch cards are pure garbage....

no wonder I have lost interest in buying boxes of cards...
In theory, I think it might not have been a bad idea, but they should have been WAY more selective. At least try and find players that have something they can draw... or maybe even trace a pattern... but to let them free hand garbage that my 8 year old niece could draw just seems pointless and wasteful. Not only that, but they could have atleast had the players sign the card. If I pulled some crap like that and it wasn't even signed I'd be pretty disgusted.
Me and roommate were debating whether we liked these or not. I thought they were pretty cool just for the simple fact that it's different. The market has seemed to be pretty watered down with jersey and autos of all these rookies so I give Panini credit for trying to shake it up and have some fun. If I got one of these I wouldn't be disappointed.
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